zaterdag 10 september 2016

Romeinen in LEGO stenen exhibition: the pictures

Our club president has provided us with pictures of their exhibition in Maaseik, and so here we are to share them with you guys and gals.

Also remember, tomorrow it's Open Monumenten Dag, and then you can also go and see this lovely exhibition!

But let's give the word to our club president, Tom:

My wife (a Roman archaeologist), my son and I have created a great exhibition of Roman culture in LEGO bricks.
We're very proud it is again on display in a museum, in Belgium, in Maaseik.
Each time we try to extend the exhibition ; this time we created a Roman villa and burial area, based on local archaeological excavations. And we also designed a mascotte, our Brickius Maximus, based on the minifig.
Great, isn't it !!

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