zondag 18 september 2016

BeLUG Clubday 2016

Yesterday it was the big day for us again at BeLUG, as it was time for our clubday.  Now, this isn't a yearly event, the previous one dating back to 2013, but it's something we do organise now and then to bring together the families of the club in a relaxed and calm manner for a day of fun and games.

This time, it took place in "De Vier Seizoenen" venue on Domein Puyenbrouck, located in Wachtebeke near Ghent.

On the menu?  During the daytime, there would be games, consisting of building the highest LEGO tower using only 2x4 bricks, and not being allowed to connect them to each other.

Even though some preferred to use their creativity instead of their stacking skills.

Here where the first three in the result and their prizes.

Another game was tossing bricks into PAB cups.  I tried this, scored a fantastic 0, but these definitly did better :-)

Then we also had "50 Shades of Brick" where you got to build something... blindfolded.  Don`t ask me how, but I ended up with something vaguely resembling a Basset Hound.

The eventual winner took home this lovely set:

Then there where various building corners.  We had the large green and red boxes of 2x4 bricks for whole section to build.  Something which was enjoyed by all the little ones...

... and the not so little ones.

There was also a corner where people could build with the Minecraft sets, and even Chu had a go at it, proudly staring at what must be her very first MOC ever.

You could also have some quiet LEGO time with colourplates and boardgames for the younger audience.

The jumping castle / run was a huge succes with the children... though some big children gave it a try as well...
There was also the polybag and minifigure trading moments planned, but as being the one responsiblr for that, and the fact most member had arrived, I basically turned this into a one big "free for all" mixing both together instead of working with seperate timeblocks.
I won`t complain with my exchanges, Christophe even traded me a sealed LotR set for one of my SW polybags, and I think a LOT of people where happy with their new acquisitions.

You could also test your R/C controlled driver skills thanks to the Fast and the Furious circuit outside!


Various free of charge workshops where organised during the day that you could attend.  The first of these was one where experienced sailing ship builders told about the in's and out's of this particular sort of building, and was eagerly attended.

And some of the organisers work pieces...

We also had a GBC module workshop, where you could learn about what "GBC" is exactly, and then the participants could build a module and it would be included in the chain.

There was a Pokeball workshop as well, where one would be making a Lowell Sphere based Pokeball, that could actually "click" open.  This was centered around an awesome Charmander sculpture brought along for the day.

The evening

And then, the fun and games came to an end, and we sat down for an excellent barbeque meal, involving cod, ham and sausage for the adults and chicken for the kids.  There was food a plenty, and the desert was just what was needed to round a family day out: scoops of ice cream on cookie horn.

Expertly baked by our Brick Mania Liege organiser Michel.

Now, the only downside perhaps was that I personally wouldn`t book the local crooners for a wedding party.  They weren`t the greatest of singers to be honest...

The evening then proceeded with a quiz (WAY out of my League) organised by Andy, and with the assistance of his lovely jury team.

There where prices for both children and adult participants, and here we have the ones with the greatest knowledge :-)

The last event of the evening was the raffle.  A lot of fine prizes where won, with Paola taking home the topprice, a UCS Batman Tumbler.

For those that didn`t win, you would still get a new Series 16 Collectible Minifig bag, so nobody went home empty-handed.

I personally won a Nexo Knights set, but I traded it with the kid from my buddy who had won a Star Wars set he already has, and this way both he was happy, as was the Smurf as a fresh Star Wars set can now be earned if he gets good grades at school!

I also made a lot of short video's of the event, whom I`ll be sharing peacemeal this week along with all the pictures I get send in for additional coverage.

It was a fantastic day, and a smooth run organisation by the team, and I`m giving the final word to the "man in charge" of the clubday, Matthieu (sorry, it`s in dutch)...

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