zondag 24 juli 2016

Build your own Pokeball

Summertime is traditionally a calm time to post reports, profiles and the likes, so I have been thinking about some other things to put down here.

And I think I might have found something: building instructions of small stuffsies I came along while scouring the social media.

With the Pokemon GO hype in full swing, I came across this easy to build Pokeball by Chris Maddison Lego Creations on Facebook.

A 7 part (and two stickers which you can easily reproduce using book labels or the likes) build, this allows you to create your own little pokeball and go out hunting some Lego build pokemon!

Happy building and go catch em all!

zondag 10 juli 2016

Starcom / ComicCon Gent 2016

The second year of the Starcom convention, and it keeps going by it`s monicker of being not your average convention... and it`s true.

Starcom / Comic Con is a one day, smaller convention with a very friendly and chill atmosphere, and like in the first edition, BeLUG was present and had the first stand when you walked in.

But the story begins on an early sunday morning.

After a drive, we arrived there and the set up of the convention was in full swing.
So it was time then to prepare our BeLUG stand, and we had a 9-man team this year, a great improvement from the "dynamic duo" last year.  Presenting our blue brigade where Saskia, Zwits, Inge, Kris, Geert, Matthieu, Wilfried, John and myself and with guest appearanced by Joris and Michael (thanks mate for aiding in the breakdown at the end of the day).

And then the doors opened...

I personally brought some thingies along, mainly Star Trek, but my Oberth quickly moved from the BeLUG stand towards the BVC one (Belgian Star Trek fanclub).  They will also display my mosaic of a Federation Commbadge at FACTS this year.

Like with any convention, there was the regular plethora of traders.  Now, Starcom had a real nice selection of traders this year, a lot of vintage toys and hard to finds.

There was also the necessary eye candy stuff, ranging from the A-Team van to Star Wars walkers.

A couple of activities where there as well, ranging from participation games to classic arcade games.

This year, they also had guests, with the attendance of the british actors who playes the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi, here seen during their Q&A.
I also bought an autograph from one of them, Andy Herd (second from the left on the picture above), who also played the Goblin at the counter in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

And due to the arrival of Pokemon GO, and the venue being an actual gym in the game, a lot of the little beasties where hunted as well in the surrounding parc.

Of course, no convention is complete without cosplayers, and many fine dressed up characters could be seen.

I asked this Goa'Uld cosplayer to hold my Daedalus, I thought it a rather nifty and very cool picture for the Stargate franchise.

Now, another thing about StarCom is that it runs a Superhero Burlesque show, for 18+ attendees, near the end.  It wasn`t easy to make a film or pictures with the flashing lights and mistcannon, but I did try it.

Another great event for sure, and one I will definitly be back for the third time next year, as BeLUG has already commited to the organisers again.  And at the same, excellent spot near the door, VERY welcome when temperatures outside climbed to 30 degrees today.

But until then, Live Long and Prosper (together with one of the Burlesque dancers :-) )