woensdag 21 september 2016

BeLUG Clubday GBC workshop

One of the activities at the recent clubday was a workshop about the GBC or Great Ball Contraption.

With the current world-record for most GBC modules being held by our well known Maico Arts, it was only fitting a workshop would be given about how to proceed into this lovely marvel of LEGO technology.

The first part of the workshop was a slideshow teaching about the history and such of GBC, of which you can see a small extract here.

People could also build their own module, which would then be installed into the "chain" during the workshop, a small overview can be seen on this little video.

While personally I didn`t get round to building one, I did enjoy the presentation a lot and it was very informative, I never knew it originated from a 100 year old cartoon for example...

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