woensdag 28 september 2016

Making kids smile

One of the "core duties" of a LUG is to carry out the LEGO values, and that is first and foremost to put a smile on the face of children.

Last week, a friend of mine contacted me with a small request for BeLUG.  Her son is currently in the "Reuzen D" kindergarten class of miss Stephanie, at the Andreas Vesalius school, Edegem.

The children there have a small LEGO corner in the classroom to be able to play with and deploy their creativity, but they lack minifigures, having borrowed two for now from another class.  So to that end, she asked if I perhaps could help them out with preferably 8 figures.

Now, of course this wasn`t a problem at all, and so I went to their little cosy classroom today in order to hand over some figures from my collection.  Now, I did avoid putting in "popular" figures to prevent class riots, so I just went for generic figures and pieces to put the minifigs together.

The kids loved it, and quickly the first figure was already "missing in action", after being transferred to the play corner while the teacher and the kids wanted to do a headcount, so there are only 7 on this picture.

I would say, mission accomplished...

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