vrijdag 26 februari 2016

BeLUG present at the sci-fi conventions 2016

I can now confirm the dates of the sci-fi and fantasy conventions our BeLUG delegation will be present for during 2016.

In good tradition, we will be exposing there with mostly `visitor aimed` builds and materials, as you can see on the picture reports of past editions on our forum. 
Or check out the FACTS 2015 picture report on my own little corner of the internet HERE to get an idea of what sort of conventions these are.
These are big conventions with 5 digit visitor numbers (FACTS last year went over the 50.000 visitors), so if intrested to join in, contact our man organising these, Kris Geysen.

Here are the conventions and dates we will be attending, check the Agenda tab for the links (where applicable) for more information about the events themselves.

Antwerp Convention, Antwerpen -> 2nd and 3rd of July

StarCom, Gent -> 10th of July
*** this is also the day after my birthday, so I expect 3 kisses at the least ;-) ***

FACTS Autumn edition -> 22nd and 23rd of October

So if you are going to any of these conventions, make sure to drop by and say hi!

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