vrijdag 31 maart 2017

Club Project: Supersized Superheroes

Hey all to the second club project BeLUG is launching for 2017-18 event season.

Mind you, dutch and french translations will follow as soon as possible (aka, when I get it back from the resident translator) and then I`ll update it on the club projects page as well in one go.

Now as you know, we always try to run two or three club projects at the same time, to give people some variety AND to prevent from arriving at "point zero" when nothing is done or everything is finished at once.

We had for example the partial overlap between the Time Traveller and LEGO My Hobby last year and a half, and now that Time Traveller has ended, it is replaced by the Micro Island.  Which also meant we have to look slowly towards a follow up for the My Hobby project.

Ideas have been bounced around, and then we came to a theme that is rather "hot" at the moment, namely Superheroes.  With the steady stream of Marvel and DC movies, and of course the excellent The LEGO Batman Movie, this came out as a clear winner.  But we also wanted to make it original and not "just another superhero lay-out".

Now, during the meeting about this we where thinking what would contrast nicely with the tiny scale of the Micro Island builds, when Wilfried mentioned we had received a box of DUPLO bricks for the kid's corner at Brick Mania's... Hold on... DUPLO, don`t they have a superhero line as well???

Well, yes they do, and being the largest scale LEGO currently has, what more could contrast with the tiny scale of the Micro Island, and we reached the conclusion.  The second club lay-out we are going to start will be Supersized Superheroes.

The rough idea we have so far is to ask all that participate to make some fairground like attraction based around the figures from the DUPLO superhero sets.  We won`t be working with a set rule on baseplating, but averaging between 16x16 and 32x32 for an "entry" would seem like a reasonable size, taking into account the large bricks that are used in the range.

More details will follow when the "rules" are worked out more in depth, so let's see where this ship will sail to!

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