woensdag 15 maart 2017

About LEGO leaks

Hi everybody...

It's your RLUG ambassador speaking here.  As per request from our social media guy, I'm gonna try and explain a bit what's OK and what's NOT OK to share or post on our facebookpage or forums.

Now I'm informing you all because LEGO doesn't want us to spread leaks... news that isn't supposed to be out there yet.. and as good friends of The LEGO Group.. we just kindly comply :D..it's a giving, getting thing..
And they're asking us not to do so, because we want to remain on a good relationship with The LEGO Group..And there are certain "brands" who would like to copy everything LEGO does as soon as possible...

There are so many news outlets and means to gather information on our shared LEGO hobby..yet it's never easy to decide what to post and it's not easy for us (Registered LEGO User Groups & Registered LEGO Fan Media) to comply to the rules LEGO has set for us.
The rules on their own aren't black/white, and LEGO loves making it even harder on us with exclusive news agreements, closed & open fairs,...

What exactly are RLFM?
Well they are media (youtube channels, website, forums, newgroups, magazines..) who spread the LEGO hobby.  Some examples are: Brothers brick, Brickset, eurobricks, Bricks magazine, Zusammengebaut, Beyond the Brick, the Brick Show,...)

They tend to abide to the "rules" all fairly well. and so do we :) Yeay us!

What LEGO really doesn't want to be out in the wild, are pictures of sets that aren't supposed to be out there. And it's really hard to tell when something is not supposed to be out there (or leaked).
Pictures taken from closed toy fairs, factory floors, shaky pictures of soon to be released sets and pictures with a watermark stamp on them (usually saying it 's preliminary images or similar).

As stated before, when something is posted on the RLFM you can be fairly sure it's safe to share..but these things are also just run by humans and we tend to sometimes make mistakes..
So if you ever wonder if you're allowed to share something on our pages and aren't sure.. just let me know what you want to share and I'll have a look :)

If you want to know what are registered LEGO Fan Media; or want to expand your LEGO sources..have a look at the list below... I've even added the 17 new RLFM for 2017:

Artifex Creation Http://www.youtube.com/user/artifexcreation
Beyond The Brick Https://www.youtube.com/user/BeyondTheBrickTV/featured
BionicleSector01 http://biosector01.com/
Blocks Magazine Http://www.blocksmag.com
Brick Journal Http://www.brickjournal.com
BrickBoard Http://www.brickboard.de
Brickfanatics Http://www.brickfanatics.co.uk
Brickipedia Http://en.brickimedia.org
BrickNerd Http://www.bricknerd.com
Bricks Magazine http://http://republic66media.com/
Brickset Http://www.brickset.com
Brickstameet http://www.brickstameet.com
Brickvault https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhb3SP2lZBgguLHIWWuHOQ
BZPower Http://www.bzpower.com
Creator Magazine http://www.creatormg.co.kr
Ebricks.ru Http://www.ebricks.ru & Http://www.vk.com/technic_club
Eurobricks Http://www.eurobricks.com
Friends Bricks Http://www.friendsbricks.com
Hispabrick Magazine Http://www.hispabrickmagazine.com
Hoth Bricks Http://www.hothbricks.com
InnovaLUG http://www.innovalug.com
Jays Brick Blog http://www.jaysbrickblog.com
Jedinews http://www.jedinews.co.uk
Klemmbausteinlyrik http://www.klemmbausteinlyrik.de
ModularsByKristel Http://www.modularsbykristel.com
Phantoms.su http://phantoms.su/
Promobricks http://www.promobricks.de
Rebrickable Http://www.rebrickable.com
Revista Bricks Http://www.revistabricks.com
Sariel.pl Http://www.sariel.pl
Stuck In Plastic http://www.stuckinplastic.com
TechLUG Http://www.techlug.fr
TechnicBRICKS Http://www.technicbricks.com
The Brick Blogger Http://www.thebrickblogger.com
The Brick Fan Http://www.thebrickfan.com
The Brick Show Http://www.brickshow.tv
The Brothers Brick Http://www.brothers-brick.com
The New Elementary Http://www.newelementary.com
The Rambling Brick http://ramblingbrick.com
The Short News http://www.theshortnews.com
The TTV Channel https://board.ttvchannel.com
Toys N Bricks Http://www.toysnbricks.com
Zusammengebaut http://zusammengebaut.com

Bricking Around www.brickingaround.com
Bricktastic Blog www.bricktasticblog.com
Frostbricks www.instagram.com/frostbricks
Hello Bricks www.hellobricks.com
AFDL www.afdl.it
Mattonito www.mattonito.it
Keep on Bricking https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo5TndGKrfJ6dtlI_xBnFdQ
LegOficina dos Baixinhos http://legoficina.blogs.sapo.pt/
Brickfinder www.brickfinder.net
Bricks Fans http://bricksfans.com/
Breaking Brick http://www.breakingbrick.com
Brick Model Railroader http://www.brickmodelrailroader.com
LEGO Answers http://www.bricks.stackexchange.com
DoubleBrick http://www.doublebrick.ru
Toy Photographers http://www.http://toyphotographers.com/
BàB - Brick à Brack https://www.brick-a-brack.com/
InkBlot Photo - www.instagram.com/harleyquin

(Note from said social media guy, just cut and paste the above URL's into your browser if you want to visit them, that way I avoided mistakes by wrong link insertions...)

IF you have any questions or remarks concerning RLUGs, RLFM or wanna know if something is safe to share or report something.. just let me know at:

Brickly Greetz

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