zaterdag 4 maart 2017

BeLUG General Assembly 2017

While not perhaps the most swinging of events in the year of a club, the General Assembly is something that must be held each year to approve the workings of the board.

And as such, 55 members gathered at Zaal Delle, Winksele to listen to what we had to say.

Now, an assembly as this is split in two parts: the Legal part, and the Daily Workings part.  The first handles all the numbers and accounts of the club, expenses, what events cost to organise, visitors, and all those other "dry legal things" we have to do.

I`m happy to say the books where approved, and the Board has gotten the vote of the majority to continue with it's workings for 2017.

Our RLUG Ambassador also took the word for amongst other things the LEGO policy about leaks on social media.  Now, I`m not going to go into detail about that right here, but a full post contributed to the matter will be posted later this week.

A more happier part for these meetings are the elections of potential candidates for Effective Member status.  In essence, these are just the same as regular members in benefits and obligations, as such that they don`t have any benefits, but they are our "test case audience" for all the ideas we have during the year. 

This year, three candidates had been brought forward, with Christian Desmoutier, Alain Stas and Matthieu Snoeck, and all three have been approved.

We then had a look back at the busy year that 2016 has been, with all the events and conventions including our own Brick Mania's, and have a look forward for 2017, which is equally filled.  Just check out our Agenda page for example on this little corner of the internet.

As the meeting concluded, there was a little snack for all the attendants while people could have a chat.

During the whole meeting, some examples for the new club lay-out project, Micro Island, where on display as well.

And all the attendants received a little gift for the effort they put in and listen to our monotonous droning ;-)

Now, remember I said at the start these things aren`t the most swinging of activities?  Well, that's a bit of a lie, as the gathered crowd attentively looked at our president's dance demonstration to Everything is Awesome.

Thanks also to Zwits for the additional pictures

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