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The Road to Brick Mania Antwerpen

As many have heard or read, Antwerp is currently an obstacle course, and with the two crucial junctions to the Waagnatie closed for traffic, it might look like an adventure.

But thanks to Andre Van Gils, from the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp wargame club (I was a member there years ago), I got permission to use his directions to Crisis 2016, the event taking place the saturday before BMA at the same venue.

So let me give the word to Andre for guiding you to the Waagnatie:

All roads lead to Crisis 2016
Allow me to take you by the hand and lead you to the event
Map by Map you will get closer. First a general overview of all the roads from East, West, South and North

Now lets take a closer look. First the advice for the wise men (and women) meaning those that come from the East.
When hitting the ringroad of Antwerp you can choose to go North or South. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT drive straight into town. It would be fun to do so but you will be on your own
You can also see that going South you will eventually bejoining up with those coming from the tropical region, the South (those that lost the Civil War) and those that come from the West (Brexit region)
But lets first focus on the Northern route. There the wise men (and women) will be joined by the Northern People (the vikings and H├Ągar)
Coming from the ring road you need to take the exit A12 direction of Bergen op Zoom. This also applies for those of you coming via the E19 from Breda. Also exit A12 direction Bergen op Zoom
Those coming from the North (from Bergen op Zoom) you stay on that route until you meet your brethren.
Both (coming from opposite directions) need to take the exit Ekeren. Coming from ring road or E19 this is the first exit you encounter on the A12, those from Bergen op Zoom it is exit nr 16
Please make sure you take exit Ekeren, I repeat Ekeren
This exit will place you on the famous "Noorderlaan"
Now lets assume we haven't lost you yet. You are on the Noorderlaan. There on the second traffic lights (I hope I counted correctly), you turn right. Right is the other side of left. If you would turn left there you would be at one of the major hubs of the local police. Going to ask directions there for something to do with Wargaming would not be a good idea.
To make thing easy, you turn right at the Esso petrol station, just before it.
Once you then cross a railway line (single track) you turn left. This is simply to put you politically correct again.

 Ok you are now on a parallel road of the already mentioned "Noorderlaan". You are doing great. Just follow that road until the next junction with traffic lights. Here again you will have to turn right and cross a bridge. If not your feet or tires will get wet.
You are almost there. Crossing that first bridge was easy as it is fixed. At the bottom (traffic lights again) you turn right again. this one sometimes needs to open to let ships pass. If so you can go to the restaurant at the right hand side (called Pomphouse) and forget all about Crisis as you will no longer have sufficient funds (expensive restaurant)
Once you cross the second bridge you continue holding slightly left and just follow that route. At the end you will again cross a smaller bridge and see to your right Walhalla.
Either you park before that little bridge somewhere or continue just beyond the venue to the next traffic light and turn right to park your car. After that, just follow the flock or herd.
You have arrived
Now lets focus on our friends from West and South a little.
First the Western Boys (and girls). They can arrive coming from the E19 (Gent / Brugge) or E34 (Knokke, the rich ones)
The latter have a choice (actually both have). They can drive straight into town using the old Imalso Tunnel (called Rabit Pipe)
If they choose not to do this they (the E34 guys) can join the E19 guys and dive into the Kennedy tunnel.
Both will get you to the right bank of the river, what we call the right side of the river, as opposed to the wrong side
Those animal lovers, meaning the ones that chose the Rabit Pipe, will emerge in the middle of town and have to make a U turn to get back to the river side.
The way to do this is the turn left on the "Boulevar" (road with trees and again make a left turn into the "Ankerrui"
Once you have succesfully completed that difficult move you just continue until you can not go any further. At that point you turn right and continue to the spot where you are free to spend all you dubloons.
Parking can be found at the venue or a little beyond a little bridge.
The venue will be marked clearly with the lettres forming the event : CRISIS
Now let those Western and Southern guys come together.
As shared already the gamers coming from the West will exit the Kennedy tunnel and need to take the first exit for Antwerp Centre.
(me thinks nr 5a, but not sure)
Those that come from the South, can come via the A12 from Boom and just drive straight into the centre joining up the ones that come from the West.
Those coming from Brussels using the E19, need to go into the Lode Craeybeckx tunnel (hope not closed for maintenance) and get onto the Ring Road direction of Gent. Do NOT drive straight into town.
Once on the ring road you will meet the wise men that came from the East and chose to drive to the South. You both take the first exit, so simply keep right and you will meet your friends from the West and A12
This picture just shows the detail of that exit and where you can start waving at the other ones.
Please do not do this, keep your hands on the steering wheel

When you have taken the exit you will need to bear right to ensure you can join the inner ring road, called "Singel".
On the left hand side you will see the Courthouse. It has a shape of a ship with Sails. I know it requires some imagination but you can do that, can't you ?
Anyway, If you find your selves going underneath that building you're lost. Take the next left on traffic lights and hope for the best.
So for those that managed to stay right you will arrive at a junction with the "Singel", with traffic lights. here you need take a left turn.

This "Singel" will take you past the Courthouse main entrance. If you can see that you are almost where you want to be. Well done !!!
Just continue until a T-junction with traffic lights again and take a right turn.

You are now on the road next to the river. Just follow this one due North until you notice the venue clearly marked out.
Get rid of your car and come join us.
 Finally, please find also here the route to Crisis for those of you who are staying in some of the hotels

So there you go.  Mind you, the references to Crisis and other wargame terms is due to the fact that because I could use Andre's description and road maps, I found it only fitting that they received some publicity in return.

Want to know more about the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp and the Crisis wargames show?  Visit their website or the event page on Facebook

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