dinsdag 15 november 2016

The Beluga sailing ship

During the clubday, a workshop was given on How to Build sailing ships, a project initiated by Maxim Illegems and friends.

The ship was "sponsored" for parts by BeLUG as such, and wouldbe on display at the huge Pirate lay-out of Brick Mania Antwerpen 2016. 

This lay-out, containing a lot of participants from different countries, had heaps of participants and a lot of Brethren of the Brick Seas "celebrities".

Here you can see the lay-out in it`s whole:

And here Rick is giving some words of explanation on the lay-out:

But now, back to the ship itself, and I`ll quote Maxim on the whole project as such:

What happens when some of the best builders in the world decide to build a fregate together?
I asked myself this question 6 months ago as I wanted to do something original for the BELUG (Belgian Lego User Group) Clubday in September. Why not a workshop on "how to make a fregate"? As Belug has some legendary shipbuilders in it rangs (CGH, Sebeus, Bonaparte and maybe one day I may say myself), this should not be that difficult... 

Well, it is... As I had to order all  parts from scratch (requested by Belug), it was a difficult task as every ship is different. It is nearly impossible to say in advance how many bricks you need and what type of bricks you need...
Anyway, a succesfull clubday and a few additional meetings later (with the necessary food and beer), she was ready to be showed at Brickmania Antwerp.
So here she is, the "Beluga":
A class 5HA, sailing under the flag of MAESTRO

Thanks a lot to everyone involved in this project!

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