maandag 7 november 2016

Kicks and Bricks Overpelt 2016

While I couldn`t attend this convention from our friends at OLBC myself, that didn`t stop me from sending out one of my "reporters" to the event.

As such, collague board member Kris made the journey to Overpelt and brought back the following pictures, all in the spirit of growing a bit closer towards each other and possible future "joint ventures".

The entry ot the event, just walk through the Kicks and Bricks banner.

There was a contest for the children.  On all the exhibits, 10 kings where hidden that are also shown on this page.  If they could find them and guess the bonus question, they could win a LEGO set.  A great idea for sure to have the children gaze over all the builds with intrest!

Of course, the first thing to visit are the Star Wars builds!

Some large sculptures where present.

A few Lego city lay outs could be seen.

A japanese temple complete with samurai.
But those weren`t the only Castle era builds on show.

Friends, always putting a smile on faces with their colourfull builds

A large ball machine
The Lego Movie range was shown as well next to the cool cardboard cut-outs

There was also a large carnival layout, with a variety of attractions on display, with a lot of the attractions being motorized.

Minifigures from a variety of ranges where on display in the infamous "Ikea method" of display.

Wild west, as the indians plan an attack on a cavalry fortress.

The VW van in many shapes and guides.

Mosaics and pixel art.

For the kids, there was also a corner full with LEGO videogames.  Though I wouldn`t put my hand in the fire and say only kids have been playing ;-)

And so my visit ended to this lovely convention, where I had a couple of great chats with people like Alex, the club president of OLBC.

Golfmeleon aka Kris

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