zaterdag 5 november 2016

BeLUG @ Skillzcon 2016

Today a small delegation from BeLUG, consisting of Inge, Wilfried, Tom G. and myself attended Skillzcon to spread the love for LEGO.

Located nearby Leuven, this is a more localised event, which was rather nifty.  That way, you get to meet the (mostly gamer) scene of the area.

The hall was roomy and well-lit, and we had a nice selection of local traders, some clubs, artisans and gamers.

Our booth

The event had some activities like a quiz you played with an app of your smartphone.  We had someone ending 3rd... and if that person had listened to what TARDIS stands for, or which war was fought in 1937...

But the great thing was this gave some of us a chance to relax, and others a chance for a nice face-to-face talk, something that just doesn`t come to pass at Brick Mania`s or larger cons.

It was a lovely day, I think they had about 50 to 100 visitors over the whole event, which I estimate that it will gradually rise over the years... and the fact the big MCM Comic Con was this weekend didn`t do any good either of course.

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