zaterdag 19 november 2016

Brick Mania Antwerpen 2016: pictures and video roundup

It has been a week since Brick Mania Antwerp took place, and it was a busy edition.

And it could be seen on the local ATV television channel

The official visitor counted ended at 8704 visitors!

Thanks to all the participants, volunteers, the organisers and of course the visitors to make this such a huge succes!

I did my usual call-out for picture material to complement my own personal report, and here is what I received so far:

Roger's Google album
Peter Van Wijk's Facebook album
Yuthana Saenen's Facebook album
David Verrezen's Facebook album
Silverflame Pictures on Flick'r
Legostone's album

TyGO Play made an oversight video on YouTube

As did lego mocs passion
And Maico Arts

Hope you enjoy this small overview, and until the next event!

If anything is send in from now on, I`ll edit this post and add the relevant albums of course.

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