donderdag 19 januari 2017

The BeLUG Fleece!

Remember Jason and his Argonauts, daring wild seas, stone giants and terrible monsters to reach the Golden Fleece?  Do you imagine how we would endeavour on such an arduous journey of epic proportions???

(image from the proposed Jason and the Argonauts IDEAS project)

Okay, me neither...

So we do it the easier way, by creating a Google form and letting YOU decide how the fleece will look.

The form can be found HERE

As you can see, it also has an "other" option field, so whatever you can imagine or might want to have on it, put it there.  That way, the people responsible for the vestimentary side of BeLUG can form an idea of what it is you are after.

So make sure to take a look at the form and send in your feedback.  That way, we can face the freezing temperatures outside in style, BeLUG style!

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