maandag 23 januari 2017

Brick Mania Wetteren 2017 easter Egg instructions

Yesterday, the mail to register for participating in Brick Mania Wetteren 2017 was send out, and as you might have seen, the team there is running a special event for it taking place on Easter weekend.

Which also reminds me, if you as a member didn`t receive the e-mail, contact BeLUG at for this.

Now, the event consists of the organisers asking everyone to build an Easter egg for the event, and these will be displayed all together during the weekend.  The instructions for an egg are included with the mail (there is a link leading you to them).  This is NOT a requirement, you can build one as you like, but it might be a good starting point.

So I did a little chat with Steven this morning, the "head honcho" for the event, and we are placing the instructions on the blog as well.  I`m placing them under the Club Projects tab to easily find them again, because we all know, between now and the easter weekend, I`ll be one of those who can`t seem to find that link again ;-)

That way, there is an easy manner to retrieve the plans, I converted them from PDF to JPEG for easiness sake, so with two simple right click, save picture as... you can put them on your hard drives and start building :-)

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