zondag 1 januari 2017

News from the Board episode 3

First of all, let me use this first post of 2017 to wish you all a Happy New Year, and the new year shine favourably on all our members and their families.

And 2017 promises to be another great year filled with LEGO related activities, some of which you will already have read about in our monthly Flash last week.


For example, three Brick Mania Events have already been confirmed for 2017, with the first one taking traditionally place in Wetteren during the Easter weekend.

Apart from those, we will again be present at a lot of comic related conventions, and I can share already that we are confirmed for Comic Con Brussel (february), Ghent (july) and Antwerp (september), and we will plunge in a totally new sort of events with Elftopia (august), a cosplay event for Fantasy and Medieval only.  My Thorin Oakenshield costume lies ready! 

There is still some place for Brussels btw, just go here and follow those steps: Brussels registration

BeLUG is also participating at 3D World this year, check back on your Flash for the details about this one.

One Year On

Today it's also the moment that this little social media channel for BeLUG has been up and about for exactly one year (even though it had been longer in the "planning" stage), and it hasn`t done bad at all for a simple blog.

Average viewrates have been excellent, and the most popular pages that have been revisited are those that the blog was created for in the first place: the Club Projects page and the Agenda page.  These provided easily accessible, centralised places for both those thingies, and many viewers found their way to them as a reference material source.

Meet BeLUG was a succes as well, even though if people would love to see more episodes in the new year, it's about time they start sending in those questionnaires, as the pool for now has been exhausted.

That's about it for this episode, as there isn't much to say in this traditionally calm moment of the year, but expect more material in 2017 as we'll try to keep you all updated in the coming year of all lovely things LEGO!

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