zaterdag 28 januari 2017

News from the Board episode 5

Hello fellow BeLUG members and other sympathisers of our LEGO club.  Here I am again with a new batch of information to share with you, after some talks with our board members.

Let's start with some shout outs for BeLUG, as the club is looking for YOU!  Yes, you there behind the screen, reading this page.

General Assembly

You see, we need you for either one of two things.  First, the General Assembly is nearly upon us, and in order to help our caterer a little, a Poll has been started on our Facebook group to see who is planning to drop by.  Nothing fancy, but we do need to have an idea on how many sandwiches our minifigs have to prepare of course.
So head over to the group and let us know by a simple click if you are planning to come!

Brick Mania Wetteren

Secondly, there is only a week left to register for Brick Mania Wetteren, so check your mailboxes and if you plan on coming to exhibit or attend as a volunteer, don`t forget to send in the form!!!
Also, in that mail there is a shout-out towards everyone to build an easter egg for the event, and the instructions can be found on this blog now as well in case you wouldn`t find the mail again when you are going to build it.  Just check the "Club Projects" tab on this blog.

Co-workers wanted!

And then there is point number 3... and that is the big one.  BeLUG is looking for people to reinforce their "labour force ranks" in 2017.  We are looking for a few brave people to step up to the challenge and help in the production of "content" for the Flash, and in lesser degree the other social media venues.

We are also looking for someone (or sometwo) who is willing and able to translate all our dutch texts to french and vice versa.  Now the main requirement is being 'bi-lingual' as Google Translate clearly isn`t.  The second requirement is willing to play short on the ball, so no weeks time to go over translations.
The fact is, BeLUG keeps growing in the french languaged part of Belgium, and of course we want to accomodate those members as good as we can.  So that means being able to send out all communications preferably in peopl's mother language instead of the necessary english at times to stay "neutral".

The same goes of course for event reports.  I had the luck some people send in nicely documented reports of events in 2016 which I couldn`t personally attend, but of course I can not be everywhere, even if I try to.  So for 2017 we are looking for people who want to keep playing "reporter" and send us a small article and some pictures (of course, the more the merrier, both in volunteers as in amount) to keep offering up event reports!

Because not only does that provide eye candy to those that didn`t go, it might also convince them to attend future editions of those events, so it's a win-win situation.

And that brings us nicely to the next point

AFOLs Carolo

Pulled by some of our walloon members, a meeting will be held in the Charleroi region.  Taking place at the 18th of March in Ragnies, I will be sharing more information about this event soon, and add it to the Agenda tab in a moment.

The Time has Travelled

Another headliner of sorts, is that the Time Traveller club layout has ended after running for almost 2 years.  Initially launched by Maxim I., this has been a great succes and we had a nice selection of builds from various participants.
Starting from Brick Mania Wetteren in all probability, we are going to run a new project, being the Micropolis.  I am going to post the "build rules" and more details hopefully during the coming week!

Well, that`s quite the hefty update for this edition of the News column, and until the next time! 

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