zondag 16 oktober 2016

BeLUG Herstal Meeting 2016

Yesterday, I travelled to Herstal (nearby Liege) for a small event organised by some of our Walloon clubmembers.  

The goal was to provide an afternoon amongst friends, with chatting, drinking something together, expose some things and do some exchanges of sets and figures.  Christophe was the bloke behind the original idea, and together with the team of BM Liege, they put it together.

It took place in the cafetaria area of the Herstal sportshall, a mighty big omni-sport location in the center of Herstal.  The area was prepared to receive our guests.

The event ran from 14.00 to 18.00 hours up and about, and there where some very nice creations on display:

We also had some hobbyists putting down some trading stands, with some really nice older sets and loose figures to be obtained.

The afternoon passed by in a relaxing fashion, and we counted about 50 people over the whole day.  The "usual suspects" of BeLUG numbered in total around 20 (as I had provided 20 special event bricks for today, and they all where handed out), and about 30 non-member visitors and partipants.  The set-up was a succes as I could welcome some more people to the "BeLUG family" and there definitly will be more of these sorts of small events in the future.

And at the end of the day, Michel raffled off his sets to the audience...

Great work to all!

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