zondag 2 oktober 2016

Infrabel Open Bedrijven Dag 2016

Today it is Open Bedrijven Dag, a day where all sorts of big companies open their doors to grant the people a look behind the scenes. 

BeLUG had been invited by Infrabel, who are responsible for the train infrastructure within Belgium, to come and show LEGO trains.  So three of our members, namely Ludo, Danny and Fabio, put down an awesome looking train display...

As I arrived, the build up was in full swing to marvel the audience, which started to arrive around 10.30.

...filled with all kinds of Belgium moc`ced trains.

The station featured was that off Treignes (nearby Phillippeville, Namur) and had a lot of LEGO travellers.

The trains then started rolling around the layout, as I filmed a full circuit in both directions:

And here are some more lovely pictures of the machinery present

As well as the rest of the layout decoration.

We would like to thank the participants for their efforts, and they where all very happy with the special Event Brick we had printed for them.  It`s a rather unique one as only 5 had been made for the event, and they thought it a great memorabilia for the event :-)

Thanks again guys, awesome work!

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