maandag 24 oktober 2016

BeLUG at FACTS Autumn 2016

Another great edition of Fatcs took place the past weekend, and of course I was present once more with the delegation of BeLUG.

I had some guests on my `hit` list this year for signatures, and off we went on a very early saturday morning to Flanders Expo Ghent for a weekend of fun and joy.

The BeLUG booth

Located in the Fan Village, or Hall 3, we had a booth full of sets and moc`s alike.  The BeLUG team of builders consisted of myself, Kris, Matthieu, Hans, Wilfried, Inge and Stefan.  Stefaan and Zwits joined along for "moral support as well.

This resulted in a wide array of models on display, going from a Link mosaic all the way to the Flying Dutchman.  Build UCS sets where also present on the booth, and the big Bowser by Koen accompanied us as well.

See our whole booth in this short movie:

All the BeLUG participants also received the event brick for their badge for this edition:

Now, for more personalised pictures of the cosplayers and such, I`d like to refer you to my personal blogpage, as I doubt anyone has need of my ugly mug with selfies for picture after picture ;-)

And so... preparations start for the conventions of 2017.  It`ll be a long list, but the following are already confirmed, and keep your eyes fixed on our Facebook page and this blog.  In due time, we will hear who wants to join and such.

February 2017 we will be attending Comic Con Brussels
April 2017, the 1st and 2nd, we are at FACTS Spring Edition 2017
July is going to be busy, as we will be both at StarCom (beginning of july) AND Elftopia (end of july).  
Oktober 2017 we will be again at FACTS Autumn edition

Now, already a small word about Elftopia. This takes place in castle ground, and instead of a booth we will be in a tent.  Also, no Star Wars, no Ghostbusters, no Superheroes... the organisation requested Fantasy / castle era build alone up to Steam Punk, as that is the theme and atmosphere of the convention.  You watch movies about the Elf fair in the Netherlands and such to get an impression what this is all about.

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