dinsdag 30 augustus 2016

Member Project: Strange Squadrons

Our club member Tom Gilson has launched a great idea on our Facebook group this morning: making Spaceships for Disney figures.

The ultimate goal of this project is to exposition together in the future.  To that end, he has drawn up the idea as follows:

Ik heb het idee opgevat om disney of friends met Star Wars of ander ruimte thema te mengen. 
Idee: neem een disney/friends figuurtje en maak er een disney/friends versie van een SW, battlefield galactica, Star Trek enz... schip van. 
Ik doe mee met een versie van kylo ren command shuttle met schuine vleugels (jawel) en een a-wing versie
Leden mogen hun inbreng leveren. Misschien kunnen we dan samen eens tentoon stellen op een beurs?

 To state it in english so the non-dutch languaged people can follow it as well, it goes like this:

I have conceived the idea to cross Disney or Friends with Star Wars or another space theme. 
Idea: Take a Disney / Friends figure and build a Disney / Friends version of a Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek etc... shp for them.
Personally I`ll be doing a version of the Kylo Ren shuttle with slated wings (yes yes) and an A-Wing version.
Members can enter their builds.  Maybe we could display them all together then at a convention?

Personally, I`m all for this idea, I`ll have to find a spot where to enter it as such in my building schedule, but I`m all for it for sure. 

So get those minds working, unleash the creativity and let's make a pretty Strange Squadron!

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