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Brick Mania Limburg 2016

The last weekend of august has passed by in a sweltering heatwave here in little old Belgium, and to heat things up some more we had our third Brick Mania event of the year, Brick Mania Limburg, taking place in the Don Bosco institute in Helchteren.

Now, unfortunatly I couldn`t attend this one for the weekend, and due to the girlfriend's accident I couldn`t hop over for a single day neither to make pictures and all for the usual reporting.  So the Social Media guy had to be creative... and make a report from a distance.

Thanks to Saskia Roch, from now on labelled as "the Agent", I could get pictures from all over the place to make this overview as usual.  The Agent actually did a spectacular job, sending me about 600 pictures for the coverage this morning, so after some sorting, here we go.

As the doors opened, the people could start enjoying this lovely event again.

Now mind you, I wasn`t there myself, so I might get a boo-boo left or right about a name or a detail picture included, but heck, you get the eye candy so what is there to complain...

The Builds

So let's make a virtual tour around the venue and look at all the great MOCs presented.

Starting, we have this Taj Mahal with suitable background

 Next, a few pretty spectacular City builds

The Artic theme was present, as was a city street bursting with life.

Pretty bird mosaics

Fairy tale time!

Anna and Elsa where present as well.

More lovely sculptures are shown.

Michael brought his impressive Technic builds along.

A fun park including a maze and all.

While the soccer game is in full swing next door.

A citylife landscape circumvented by trains.

More impressive Technic works.

Look at all those colourfull CARS models!

Friends definitly made an impression this Brick Mania with the huge lay out.

Minecraft was represented as well.

The Roman empire in all it`s glory

Passengers get ready to get onto the train.

And what to say about this marvel of architectural building

A large viking building was also represented.

Andy brought along the construction site of the newest generation of spaceships.

Steven's circus was also present.

A large lay out from Star Wars

A world war 2 museum exhibition

The lovely Paradisa build which I really admired in Liege earlier this year.

Even the venerable Fabuland had a place at Limburg!

A cityscape based around the Palace Cinema

Remember, don`t cross when the train arrives!

Great looking Technic amusement park rides.

It sure looks relaxing in this street scene

 A huge Westermeijer building.

A collection of all the Creator "deluxe" cars and sets Lego released.

Taj Mahal

The humongous Technic crane was present as well!

GBC goodness galore!

The Pirate Lay-out.  It has grown quite a bit compared to Wetteren, and will be even bigger at Antwerpen where we aim at 100 square meters and I`ll be able to join in again.

Amazings brought along some of their works of art, and Hans had some pretty mosaics with him once again.

"Het Galgenhuis" build in a Modular style, a typically Gantoise pub (or so I`m told)

Big Star Wars models on display

A microscale city

This Brick Mania, both "club projects" where present again, in the form of both the Time Traveller as well as the habitat module about "Lego: My Hobby" (and which reminds me once more that I really need to build mine, shame on me).


Of course, every LEGO fan looks to add something to it's collection or search for the missing elements to complete a build.  They where also catered for during this event.

The Activities

During the day, the young... and the errm, not so young anymore... could enjoy playing with the Minecraft range as well as the playmat for the smallest of us.

On saturday evening, it was all fun and games after the visitors parted and dinner was had (a BBQ by Barbelicious... I`m still cursing on missing that one out).

Games included building the highest tower with 2x4 bricks

Polybag building

And blindfolded building.

Another great event, and one I sadly couldn`t attend, but I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and want to thank all that visited!

In a few days, I`ll be making the traditional Blogpost entry with links to all the pictures those present wanted to share, and then it`s time to count down to Brick Mania Antwerp, the weekend of the 12th of november in Waagnatie Antwerpen.  Hope to see you all again there!

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