woensdag 9 maart 2016

What`s hot and what`s not?

Heya all,

Today, I`m going to ask all of you who follow BeLUG a question, whistled into my ear by one of my `little birds`.  Which is just a fancy way of saying that someone provided me with an idea to work out, but that doesn`t has the same ring to it now does it.

And okay, I might have lied a bit above... I am actually going to ask TWO questions to y`all.  Simple ones, that will probably take you about 10 seconds to think about, and another 10 seconds to answer, so let`s say for easyness sake...

I need 30 seconds of your time!

Now, the questions are these:

1. What is your FAVORITE (sub)theme of LEGO?


2. Which is the theme you really don`t like at all?

Simple, right?  So tell us here, on Facebook, on Twitter or on the forum!

I will be compiling those answers, and in a non-defined space of time, which is somewhere between the intitial (hopefully) waves of responses and let`s say a week or two / three, when everyone had the time to read this, I`ll be posting the full results.

To give an idea, here is my personal `Hot or Not`...

1. The Hobbit

2. City

And that is basically all I would like to ask.  feel free to elaborate on your choices, but this is not a requirement at all!

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