zaterdag 19 maart 2016

BeLUG General Assembly 2016

If your a club, you need to have a general assembly, that`s something that is just required in your regulations.

So this morning, those that wanted could join in for a chat in the venue, De Maalderij, at Sterrebeek, where *probably* the club day will also be held, but more info on that when we get to that point.

While of course the meeting started with the necessary introductions, and the financial overview which won`t be made public, we then moved on to some more shareable information, like... members.

Here you can see the slow and steady climbing rate of our members, presented by the club president, and for your easiness also the graphis for the division geographically.

Our LEGO Ambassador also took the word for a moment to share some information of the LEGO policy rules for 2016 and how they will support RLUG`s this year, as well as some restrictions implemented.

Next on the agenda was the overview of the 2015 events, and the events coming in 2016.  This might also be another opportune moment to ask that if anyone has some ideas for an activity on the club day, feel free to send them to us!

But then we came to the `election phase`.  As you can see, our current board consists of 5 members, as both Tom Gilson and Sieger Douree had to resign their positions due to professional obligations, and where thanked for their efforts in the past.

We also had 5 effective members resigning from this status, and the new candidates where introduced and the assembly would vote on them `joining the ranks` (more information on what an effective member is can be found on the BeLUG site, but this infographic gives a bit of an idea on the club structure).

All four of the candidates for Effective Member membership past the votes, meaning that Maxim, Andy, Stefan and myself have been accepted.  Thanks to all the voters for the confidence and accepting our sollicitations.

But we also needed to add two more board members, and in order to pass the proposed board, the club statures needed to be slightly modified.  This was all voted in one go, and Inge joined the board as the new Secretary, while... yours truly became the board member putting the focus on the social media thingies.  Hmmm, so I`ve been an effective member for like 3 minutes, must be a new record lol.  Again, thanks to all that voted and the board to put your faith in lil` ol` me.

We then had another rather important point on the agenda, but I`m afraid I can`t be placing it down here just yet until it has been placed on the main site and all first and permanent, so that is something I`ll be coming back on in a future post.

Another rather important point on the agenda, which had many looking forward to this year`s meeting, was the revelation of the 40 people that would go on the Billund trip coming June.  And here is the list of those that are going:

Sorry, I`m not allowed to post it before the club board itself has had the time to contact all the participants ;-)

All in all, it was a very informative assembly, the sandwiches where great (thanks Inge and Wilfried) and all things to be voted on passed the vote, so I think we can say we are going strong!

And all present received a small gift as well, courtesy of the club.

So to put it all together in a blink of an eye:

1. We are financially healthy
2. We have a good idea which sort of media to use for promotion of the Brick Mania`s in 2016 to make sure more people find their way.
3. Our members are still growing.
4. We have 4 new Effective members, and two new additions to the board
5. The participants for Billund are known.

Now onwards to an even better 2016!

Thanks for the additional pictures to Zwits Vandervelden and Tom De Bruyker

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