donderdag 17 maart 2016

What`s Hot and what`s not: the result

About two weeks ago, I asked the question about which LEGO themes where popular, and which not at all, amongst our followers on Facebook and the forum.

I received about 30 answers to this, and here are the top 3 results for each...

Now, let`s start with the themes which aren`t liked amongst those that replied.

This is actually a big list, as the top choices received both 4 votes.  Neither Bionicle, nor the new Nexo Knights are bewildering our community, and they are the `winners` of this category.

Placed behind them, all with 2 votes to round out this top 3.  LEGO`s new range of Angry Birds, just released, already finds itself amongst them, alongside some of their mainstay lines in City and Technic.  But also Minecraft is amongst them, which I can understand as those are basically base brick sets with a franchise pricetag.

So that was it for the `bad news` section of the results, let`s move on to those we found popular.

On the third spot, with 2 votes, we find a shared duo of on the one hand the Tolkien range, and on the other the Technic range.

The silver medal also finds itself tied for the result, as 2 ranges obtained 3 votes each: Lego City, taking avenge for not being liked as well, and the Expert Modular series.

But can there be any doubt about which range came out on top?  I think not, considering it is about their biggest yielding line ever since it`s creation back in 1999, and it sweeped this poll with a crushing 8 votes, meaning it was picked by almost 1 in 3 of the person`s that replied...


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