zondag 22 mei 2016

Mechelen Speelstad 2016 report

For the third year in a row, we had been invited by LEGO Benelux to attend Mechelen Speelstad, not really a convention, but a real children event.
So we send along 6 of our most serious members for a day of entertaining the little ones.

Meet the team
Top Row: Kris, yours truly and Inge
Bottom Row: Matthieu, Wilfried and Saskia, who has just joined BeLUG 2 days ago.

Mechelen Speelstad basically changes the center of the city into one big playground, with a lot of activities for the kids to do, a lot of children orientated clubs and institutions present, and a podium with the Ketnet Band amongst others that brought live music.

There where a lot of cool acts, like stiltwalkers and spacemen, as well as lot of cosplayers present.

I couldn`t make it to the other squares of the event, but the attendance, even though it was a rainy day, was really great, and the atmosphere truly relaxed.

I mean, even the local Police force could be swayed to touch their inner child for a moment...

We weren`t here to recruit AFOL`s (though we did ensnare one ;-) ) but to entertain children.  LEGO had a lot of activities in our tent, like build tables, Nexo Knight games and more.

They also brought along quite a few of those big `store display` statues.

Another thing they had present where the upcoming Friends sets for the summer release, including the awesome amusement park range.

Our booth included a variety of MOC`s, most but not all based around this years theme, Space.

And here are some, but not by a longshot or this would be an immense post, some detailed pictures of the builds, taken by Saskia:

Of course, the inner person had to be strenghtened as well, until the bell tolled 5 and the event ended.  Personally, I really liked this event, it`s something completely different from what I usually attend, and they can put me down for next year again :-)

And now?  Only 4 more days before I leave for the next convention on the menu, as next weekend our very own Brick Mania Liege is taking place in Cheratte.  Expect a full report probably next monday, and maybe I`ll see you all there?

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