dinsdag 17 mei 2016

Antwerp Convention postponed

Form their Facebook page:

Dear AC crowd,
Superheroes can sometimes be super-frustrated as well. That's how we feel today.
We had to decide to postpone Antwerp Convention to a – for now – unspecified date.
Your feedback has helped us to take this difficult decision. The summer will bring a lot of other fun activities, with festivals, travels and – hopefully – pool parties. We want Antwerp Convention to be just as great, and we felt we were not ready for that yet.
It wasn’t an easy decision, but it’s for the best. We see this convention as a high quality dish: we could let you eat it as a microwave meal, but we’d rather cook it to perfection before we offer it to you. And quality has always been our top priority. We want nothing but the best for you.
Behind the scenes, we are now taking time to evaluate all aspects of Antwerp Convention and to see how to go forward and to bring you a unique event, incomparable to other gatherings.
Basically, we are taking one step back to be able to jump farther, harder, better.
Just like a true superhero, we will persevere. We respect Antwerp Convention’s history and all its fans, which is exactly why we want to bring you the best experience a pop culture fan could ever wish for.
Thank you for all your enthusiastic and inspirational messages the past months. We will always appreciate your passion for this event!
Kind regards,
The Antwerp Convention team

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