vrijdag 1 april 2016

BREAKING NEWS: "Presidential elections" are due

Dear BeLUG members,

This might come as a shock, as it did to myself as well, but it seems we have a problem.

I just came of the Facebook chat with our club president, Tom De Bruyker, to tell about the board meeting yesterday, and to ask about the practical things for BM Liege, when I got a `hot scoop`.

Well, sometimes the social media picks up things right before it gets announced to boards, he is probably typing his official letter at this very moment, but I was already allowed to share the news...

The following passage is pasted from Facebook, and as such sorry for it being in flemish:

Kleine aanpassing : wij hebben een huis gekocht in UK, we gaan binnenkort verhuizen dus moet er een nieuwe voorzitter gezocht worden

Well, translated to english, this says:

Small change of plans: we bought a house here in the United Kingdom, and will soon be moving, so a new president will have to be instated.

This basically means everyone will be able to run for president of BeLUG.  Well, in theory ofc, but as this is just the `hot potato` I just received, we still need to start up a full selection procedure, so I`ll make sure to be able to share this as soon as possible.  The problem being that the General Assembly has just passed two weeks ago, and we can go back to the voting booth already.

This definitly isn`t Leg Godt news... 

Our apparent former club president, on the left

And his new abode...

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