maandag 27 februari 2017

BeLUG at Comic Con Brussels

The past weekend, a brave buch of AFOL's relocated to the Belgium capital to attend Comic Con Brussels, the first comic and sci-fi convention of 2017.

And of course, that means we can show you the pictures of our booth, as pictures have been taken by both Hans and John and the convention, just click their names to get to their Facebook albums.

I also made a short video of our booth on saturday before the opening, which you could already have seen on our Facebook page, but can be found in this post as well, because, well, convenience is what we are all about ;-)

I also wrote up a completely subjective report of the event, but as the pictures went mostly "doo-daa" due to a new cellphone I still need to get used to, I must warn you to watch at your own risk hehe.

The tale of my adventures at Comic Con Brussels can be found HERE.

It was a great convention, and we had a blast... and a nice heap of chats with the visitors.  Keep watching this blog page for the next event, which will be FACTS Spring.

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